Codehawk is my latest and best work, both design and coding is done by me and is the result of a spark of inspiration. The coding is based on cakePHP for this site to serve static pages for the portfolio part of it and dynamic posts for the personal blog.

The portfolio bog site is the result of ~12 hours of coding and designing, so take a look around at codehawk.org and tell me what you think!

Featured Image: CodeHawk.org


Hello, I'm Kevin Vandenborne and I'm a web developer, I'm 23 years old and I live in Sint-Truiden (Belgium). My hobby's are web developing, designing and playing around with computer software and hardware.

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I'm currently working as a PHP Developer at Yappa. Read this page here if you'd like to learn more about me. You can also contact me using the contact form.

Or just send me an email at the following address:




I know my way around photoshop and other graphics software, programming with PHP is piece of cake and I pick up new techniques very easily. I love working with frameworks, CakePHP being my favorite at the time of writing.

And of course XHTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY and SQL have nothing to hide from me.